Monday, January 3, 2011

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A Story of Rescue, in Rhyme Six little Border Collies, needing a home.
Lived for a year in a pen on their own.
Six little Border Collies, none had a name
Scared of strange people, shy and untamed

Six little Border Collies, gosh what a change!
Learning to trust, and to know their new names
Six little Border Collies, now there are five
One has a home and a fresh start on life (yay!)

Five little Border Collies, dancing and gay
Happy to greet me at the start of each day
Five little Border Collies now sleep in the house
Each has a crate but all love the couch!

Five little Border Collies, start life anew
Can one of these Border Collies share it with you?


All dogs are very sweet and affectionate but shy of strangers and new situations. They need patient homes who will understand that they need to go through puppy training and socialization before they can be expected to become dogs. All are sleeping in their crates and are partially housebroken. So much is new for them, but they are adapting wonderfully. None of them display any herding behaviour or strong chase drive.

The males are 14 month all have been neutered. Nop and Dell are red tri smooth (short) coats; Moss is a black and white rough coat

The females are 15 month and have been spayed. Sass and Cady are black/white with rough (longer) coats

ALL DOGS have had their veterinary check up, are fully vaccinated and it should be noted that are much smaller than an average border collie as none of them weigh over 28 pounds

For more information on these needy dogs please contact Southern Ontario Border Collie Rescue at website or call 905 473-9050.

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